Broker mit Skrill (Moneybookers)

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No transfer fee* when you send money directly to a bank account.
Try the calculator to see what you will save by sending for free with Skrill.

  • FinCEN Regulated
  • Millions of customers
  • Leading risk and anti-fraud technology



Creating an account takes seconds


Simple, secure, speedy. Stay in control of your spending


Move funds to your bank account instantly


Security is serious.
Your info is safe: our dedicated anti-fraud team protect every transaction you make.

Who has time to wait?
Send or receive money instantly, and make payments with just one tap.


Keep it simple.
Don’t complicate it: use your e-mail and online banking details to send, receive or spend.

Get the VIP treatment

Skrill VIPs get exclusive extras.

Higher limits, 24/7 support, special promotions and a personal account manager await when you join our VIP club.

*Neither Skrill nor any of its service providers will assess any fee. The intended recipient may incur fees from his or her financial institution in the recipient country in receiving or withdrawing funds.

Beste Broker fur Binare Optionen 2020:

    Der beste Broker fur binare Optionen fur 2020!
    Ideal fur Anfanger!
    Kostenloser Unterricht!


    2 Platz in der Rangliste! Zuverlassiger Broker.

Broker mit Skrill (Moneybookers)

Moneybookers zählt zu den größten online Zahlungsanbietern und wird trotzdem bald verschwinden. Denn Moneybookers soll umbenannt werden zu Skrill. Das sogenannte Rebranding ist in vollem Gange und langsam aber sicher wird man nur noch mit dem Namen Skrill konfrontiert und nicht mehr mit Moneybookers. Wenn man Moneybookers schon nutzt bekommt man noch etwas von der Umstellung mit. Wer aber erst jetzt diesen Zahlungsanbieter ausprobieren will wird in Zukunft nur noch mit Skrill zu tun haben.

Skrill gehört zu den größten eWallets, also Zahlungsanbietern, die eine virtuelle Brieftasche zur Verfügung stellen mit der online bequem Geld verschickt werden kann. Paypal ist ein Musterbeispiel für eine eWallet und auch Marktführer in diesem Segment. Von Paypal ist Skrill noch sehr weit entfernt, aber trotzdem ist die Entwicklung und das Wachstum beachtlich und kann nicht hoch genug eingeschätzt werden. Über 15 Millionen Menschen weltweit nutzen mittlerweile Skrill und damit wird es immerhin die zweit größte eWallet, die – im Gegensatz zu Paypal – auch bei Broker für Binäre Optionen Anklang findet. Das heißt, dass es immerhin Broker gibt bei denen man mit Skrill seine Einzahlung machen kann. Mit Paypal ist das zurzeit nicht der Fall und daher eignet sich auch Skrill als Zahlungsmethode für Binäroptionshändler. Genauer gesagt ist es sogar die eWallet, die noch am weitesten verbreitet ist. Wenn man also auf der Suche nach einer eWallet ist um damit bei Brokern für Binäre Optionen einzuzahlen, dann trifft man mit Skrill sicherlich die beste Wahl.
Einige der bekanntesten Anbieter, welche Skrill / Moneybookers aktzeptieren, sind BDSwiss und OptionFair.

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Skrill Forex brokers

The Best Skrill Forex Brokers 2020 – Making Deposits & Withdrawals Quick & Easy

A brokerage is always looking for new ways to entice users to their platform. Common practice is now to offer various payment methods, so depositing into their account is quick and easy. Lots of brokers now offer the electronic payment system, Skrill, as a payment method. We have highlighted our favoured brokers that do offer Skrill as an option, see the table above for our current rankings.

What is Skrill

Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, is a popular online payment system, which allows making quick and convenient online payments.

Skrill acts as an online wallet where you can store your money and easily transfer directly to a bank account of your choice.

They have also added to their products and now offer a prepaid Mastercard as well as the option to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The intention of Skrill is to be the singular place to store your money and make easy transactions.

Why use my Skrill account to deposit with a Forex broker


Skrill’s major unique selling point is the fact that you can do a huge amount from one account. You can send money, spend money, store money in various currencies (up to different 40), buy and sell cryptocurrencies and they have also launched a prepaid Mastercard.

Having all these features in one place means that you don’t need any other service to look after your money. When it comes to opening a Forex brokers account, it’s simply a case of using your Skrill app or online platform to send money to the brokerage account.

Multiple payment options

Your Skrill account splits payment options into two, one is ‘Sending’ money and the other is ‘Spending’ money. The payment options when spending money includes paying via online banking, paying on-demand with Skill 1-tap, or using their prepaid Mastercard which can be used online or in store.

You can send money to three different places; a bank account, a mobile wallet, or an email address. Sending money is free of charge and can be done in 40 different currencies.

A Forex broker will normally ask you to send money to a bank account which makes any deposit using Skrill free.

Deposit & Withdrawals

Like PayPal, Skrill also lets you make instant deposits into your Skrill account and again like PayPal it will only allow you to use a credit or debit card or via a bank transfer. Once you have added a payment method, you won’t need to add any more details as Skrill will keep this on your account unless you want to change the method. Sending money is also instant with Skrill meaning that once you have chosen your Skrill Forex broker, you can quickly deposit and start trading.

Sending money is free to bank accounts, so it is very easy to send any money you want to withdraw from your broker back to your bank account.


When you set up your Skrill account, you will add a payment method, credit card or bank details, this information is not shared with your Forex broker nor any other recipient of your money transfer.

How to pick a broker that accepts Skrill

Picking a broker that accepts Skrill is relatively easy because most of the well-established brokers now offer this service however it is not the size of PayPal and so not all big brokerages have jumped on the band wagon yet.

Skrill is a payment method and so is used by brokers as a feature that would attract prospective users to their brokerage for Forex trading purposes. Therefore, if you are an avid Skrill user then your best course of action it to find all the brokers that accept Skrill (as shown above in the broker table) and decide where you feel they fit your needs best.

The table above shows our preferred brokers that offer Skrill, however it is worth noting that this order may change based on any upgrades or downgrades brokers may make. The factors we consider when deciding our best Skrill Forex brokers are as follow;

  • Are they regulated and by whom?
  • The payment methods they offer.
  • The fees they charge, this can be the spreads of any commission they add.
  • Trading experience; speed of execution, slippage, gapping, pricing irregularities etc.
  • Their customer support network.
  • The different assets that can be traded.
  • How user friendly their platforms are.
  • Whether it offers any additional resources or help.

Skrill Vs PayPal

Skrill and PayPal are by far the biggest electronic payment systems on the market now, with PayPal still dwarfing Skrill in size. We look at how these two market leaders compare when it comes to depositing into a Forex broker account.

Below is a table with the criteria we feel is most important to users when deciding whether you should be using PayPal or Skrill to deposit to a Forex account.

Skrill PayPal Winner
Currencies 40 20 Skrill. Dependant on the broker, the ability to deposit in multiple currencies makes life a lot easier.
Charges you for Sending money Receiving money Skrill. In an ideal world, you would only send money once to a broker.
Deposit fee 0-7% Free PayPal. This means you are down before you have even sent money to a broker.
Languages 7 Practically all PayPal. This means that you can deposit (assuming the broker uses that language) in any language.


With Skrill continuing to grow in the market, it is now becoming relatively common for brokers to accept it as a viable payment method. It still isn’t however accepted on all the large brokerages, which is likely down to the brokers choice rather than anything else.

The bigger Skrill gets, the more likely you will see more and more brokers offering the payment method. Unlike PayPal, we wouldn’t consider brokers that don’t accept Skrill as lower tier, so if you are open to not using a broker who accepts Skrill, then there might be that could fit your needs more, namely some of the PayPal ones.

There are lots of different ways in which you can deposit into a brokers account and isn’t doesn’t (shouldn’t) affect how you trade but it is a sign that the Forex market continues to grow and that you should be aware of different brokers and the payment options they offer. If only to make sure you’re picking one that uses your preferred payment method.

Is Skrill more secure than PayPal?

Both companies practice the most up to date security measures and both would consider themselves as the safest on the market. After looking at multiple customer reviews, whilst there appears to be some negative feedback for both, there haven’t been any major security breaches to suggest that your funds are at risk.

What are Skrill’s fees?

Sending money to a bank account is free, so sending money to Forex broker would therefore be free because they will give you bank details to send to.

The regular Skrill fee is 1.45%, with a minimum of EUR 0.50, however this can rise to up to 5.5% in some circumstances. See Skrill’s fee’s section for more information.

How secure is my Skrill account?

As previously mentioned, Skrill practices up to date security processes, this includes two-factor authentication (2FA), which is now common occurrence on most websites that manage your money.

Why don’t all Forex brokers offer Skrill?

Despite Skrill being second only to PayPal, it still isn’t a household name and only a small percentage of users would deposit using Skrill. Therefore, this makes this payment method a lower priority for brokers to offer, with more users using other means of depositing, they are focused on those, however as Skrill grows this will undoubtably grow.

What is a Skrill Forex broker?

A Skrill Forex broker is a brokerage that allows you to buy, sell and trade currencies on its platform and accepts Skrill as a method of depositing into your personal account.

How can I deposit into my Skrill account?

You can deposit into your Skill account by two means; a paysafecard, which is normally a debit or credit card, and via bank transfer. Once you save your bank details to the platform, you don’t need to insert them anywhere when buying using Skrill.

Additional Payment Methods Forex brokers

Do you know another Skrill Forex broker? Please suggest by adding a comment below.

Skrill (Moneybookers) binary options

We do know put and call binary options, which are one kind, but receive this double name, because of its two-side only outcome. And we do know boundary, short-term binaries, too. But when we say Skrill (Moneybookers) binary options it sounds a little bit confusing, doesn`t it? Probably, when you are looking for a binary to trade, you don`t see such a term in the binary sections of your broker. However, there is such a classification of binaries, as well. It determines the binary according to the payment method you use in the broker you are registered in. So that is why we can actually say that Skrill binary options are completely ordinary and regular just because Skrill is actually a regular method for making deposits and withdrawals. But let`s see these Skrill binaries in details now.

What is Skrill (Moneybookers) for binary trading?

There`s nothing so extra ordinary about Skrill, when it comes to trading with binaries. Actually, this is a platform for e-payments. It was established in London, UK, but today the platform is 100% international, because it has customers from all over the world – including you, for instance, regardless your permanent or current residence. The system has a very strong reputation, though, not only in financial trading (including with binaries) sphere, but also in online shopping and even in payments between business partners and companies from different rage and industry areas. This means that when it comes to Skrill binaries, we can say that this payment platform is also very significant for all binary traders.




Why Using Skrill Binary Brokers?

If you are looking for a new place to make binaries and you have no criteria to make a good selection with, payment method is always a good idea. There are many benefits of using Skrill binary brokers, but check out the most common among them now:

  • Safety on a very high level. Transparency and accuracy in your funds and profits management is a key element in proper financial trading activity. If you want to be 100% secured, when you make deposits or get your withdrawals, you can definitely rely on Skrill.
  • Free of charge for any transaction. The best thing about Skrill payment system via digital format is that this system does not charge you for each next transaction you make. It is a very common issue for binary traders to be charged for any deposit and then, for any withdrawal they make via their personal debit or credit card. Well, there`s no such a thing with Skirll payments. On the contrary – it has only a very little fee on a monthly basis for the overall service. This fee in most cases I less than each fee you pay for your next debit or credit card transaction. In short, Moneybookers is the best way for you to save some money.
  • Most brokers do allow payments via Skrill. So, eventually, when you decide to look for such a trading platform, you will not be limited with few suggestions only, but you will be able to choose from most of today`s top rated and top-notched binary brokers.
  • There are also great bonuses for all Skrill. As you know brokers tend to attract their customers with amazing and generous special offers. But this is not only their policy. E-payment systems like Skrill, which are in collaboration with these binary brokers, also use the bonuses to attract more clients on their side. So, if you prefer to make deposits and withdrawals via Skrill system in some binary broker, there`s a big possibility for you to get a reward – special offer for each deposit you make, free trades or some other type of extra.
  • Moneybookers is one of the most popular e-payment systems for trading. You can be tranquil for your funds, because both – beginners and advanced traders use it and you can be sure that your money is at safe place. Do not hesitate to try a binary broker like Expert Option with Skrill payment method as an option. You will not regret by all means!

In this big abundance of brokers for making binary trades, it becomes harsh to choose them same. But using a criterion like payment method – Skrill, Paypal or any other digital system for transactions – you can make a good final decision. Skrill is by all means one of the best in the sphere today!

Beste Broker fur Binare Optionen 2020:

    Der beste Broker fur binare Optionen fur 2020!
    Ideal fur Anfanger!
    Kostenloser Unterricht!


    2 Platz in der Rangliste! Zuverlassiger Broker.

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